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Where’s Wally? Everywhere!

 I was shopping for some new clothes the other day. Burton, Topshop, Next, Primark, Marks and Spencers. All the usual suspects, but I wanted something different. I couldn’t find it. That is what has inspired me to write this article.

We are sleepwalking into a new era of individuality. Not in a good way! Everybody will wear the same clothes, buy the same food, drink the same beer, watch the same t.v, look at the same websites and talk the same talk in the next few decades.

The other day I used some of my home grown tomatoes. They were yellow, black and red. I realised, we have been forced to only eat red tomatoes, but the yellow ones are amazing too!

My point is; We all need to stand up for our individuality. Protest against the big business take overs that are slowly creeping into our shopping centres and our corner shops.

Any ideas on what we can do about it?



On another note – You have alot more money if you spend it wisely! – use a budget calculator!

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